Sky Blue on a Rainy Day: The Sky Blue Cafe

The clouds loomed over Music City as we chugged our way from church to East Nashville. When we walked through the doors of the Sky Blue Cafe, little did we know what we would begin to embark on.

Earlier this week, Pierce suggested that, in order to spend more time together, we should start going for post-church brunch, rather than the hurried bagel and coffee before the service. (Don’t worry, Star Bagel… still love ya.)

As we sat at a cozy, corner table, an idea came to mind. Not only would we make this our new tradition, but we’d blog about it along the way—combining our affinity for food, togetherness, and social media.

So, without further ado:

Sky Blue Café – March 21

Pierce: Iced Coffee ($2.70) and Veggie Omelet ($8)

Kristen: Coffee ($2.70) and French Toast Pancakes ($6)

First Impression – For a couple of Green Hills/West End/Brentioch dwellers like ourselves, the historic section of East Nashville was pretty foreign to us. The Sky Blue Café and its old brick building on the corner of 7th South and Fatherland seemed like an unlikely destination for brunch-goers.

But inside, the atmosphere was pleasant—a mix between your grandmother’s house and Bongo Java. The seating area was small, but at 11:30 on Sunday morning we didn’t even have to wait for a table. Greeting us there was an assortment of trivia cards that kept us occupied until our food arrived.

The Main Event – The menu had a solid offering that leaned more towards the “br” than the “unch.” Biscuits and gravy and Eggs Benedict appeared to be popular items among our fellow brunchers, but we settled on a veggie omelet (for Pierce) and French Toast Pancakes (for Kristen).

No, that wasn’t a typo. Sky Blue offers a fluffy pile of baked batter that combines the best of both worlds. However, “French Toast Sandwich” is probably a more fitting name as the dish was simply a piece of French Toast placed between two pancakes.

The veggie omelet (with breakfast potatoes, fruit, and toast) was a more standard fare—but still delicious.

Kristen couldn’t finish her two FTP’s, as per usual, so Pierce played his common role of garbage disposal.

The Aftermath – The check came out to just more than $20 which we felt was quite reasonable for the large portions and great atmosphere (but slightly inflated by the coffee prices).

While our journey will take us to many new places, the Sky Blue Café was a fine starting point and set the bar pretty high.

3.75/5 Syrup Crocks

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One response to “Sky Blue on a Rainy Day: The Sky Blue Cafe

  1. That Pierce is a smart boyfriend Kristen. 🙂

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