Home Cookin’ – St. Louis, MO

Nothing beats the comfort of home: the personalized decorations, the inside-the-family jokes, and of course, the lovingly made food.

This weekend found us breaking from our short-lived routine of gallivanting around various Nashville brunch spots. After all, it’s Easter. And Easter is time for family (that lives less than 10 hours away). That latter qualification meant that we’d be traveling north to St. Louis for time with the Bairds.

So today we bring you a family-oriented review of Julie Baird’s home cooking.

First Impression – Well, I suppose Kristen’s first impression came 21 years ago—but it’s not like she remembers it.  For Pierce, food remains a deciding factor on whether or not he makes the five-hour trip north.  That being said, a promise of homemade brunch was enough to get him to tag along.

The Main Event – Today’s menu included an assortment of homemade delights. First was the lovely fresh fruit that was backed by a salad that featured a light lemon poppy seed dressing.  The heartier fare consisted of caramelized French toast (recipe to come) and a meaty sausage and egg scramble. Everything was accompanied by a stellar cheesy hash brown casserole. 

The Aftermath – The porch is the center point of family “aftermath” and today the company was plentiful.  Ten of us enjoyed conversation and laughs—an “aftermath” that is impossible to match in restaurant form.  

Good times in St. Louis! 

We’ll be back next week at another Nashville brunch location! 

5 of 5 Syrup Crocks


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