Dalt’s Grill – A Nashville Must

It was hard to go wrong today: church was awesome, the sun was shining, and the world just seemed to scream positivity. Luckily, brunch stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the park.

Using a Twitter suggestion, we decided on Dalt’s Classic American Grill—a 50’s diner-style joint that has been a West Nashville staple since 1980. Longevity in the restaurant business is a rare thing—and Dalt’s has been around this long for a reason. The formula: great atmosphere, good prices, and awesome service.

Dalt’s Classic American Grill

Pierce: Sweet Tea ($1.99), Eggs Benedict with fruit and potatoes ($7.99)

Kristen: Ice Water (free), Eggs Breakfast with bacon, fruit, and potatoes ($7.99)

Service Time: 7 ½ minutes.

First Impression – For college students, this area is mostly known as “that place near Target.” But the West Nashville location is far from a turn-off. Since it was so nice out, we chose a makeshift patio table over the cool indoor classic booths. We were seated promptly, but soon the sun became too burdensome. No worries! Our waitress allowed us to move to a nicer table under an umbrella.

Drinks and delicious rolls came out shortly after we were seated.

The Main Event – Seven minutes and 30 seconds. We timed it almost exactly. That’s how long it took our food to come out. And when it did come, it was perfect.

Kristen’s plate—a reasonably priced egg breakfast—was a delightful heap of brunch classics. There were the eggs—which seemed like they used about six of them. The potatoes were just what you’d expect and desire. Then there was the small side of fruit, to make you feel as if you did something healthy. The bacon was a little thin and sort of average, but everything else was right on point.

Pierce got the Eggs Benedict with the aforementioned potatoes and fruit. The poached eggs, ham, and English muffins were enhanced by a creamy Hollandaise sauce that slowly melted into the taste buds. Altogether, the items of the dish messed together beautifully—making a messy but delicious concoction.

The Aftermath – Ding! Ding! Ding! We’ve had our first brunch for less than $20 (before tip)! Yay!

Seriously though: price, service, and quality included, this was definitely our best Nashville brunch yet.

4.5/5  Syrup Crocks

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