Mini-Review: Fido

This weekend, something unprecedented happened. It was a double-bruncher for me (Pierce)—a rare instance when one individual eats brunch on BOTH Saturday and Sunday. Crazy? Yes. Impossible? Hardly.

On Saturday, the opportunity to have brunch with my roommate and his visiting mother came up. I jumped at the chance. We selected an old Belmont/Vandy/Hillsboro Village favorite—Fido.  Don’t be fooled by it’s brotherly (or sisterly) relationship with Bongo Java. Fido is more than a coffee house and serves up some ridiculously good food.

FidoBrunch Menu

Pierce: Village Burrito with Hashbrowns ($7.99), Iced Coffee ($2.00)

The Quick Verd: The Village Burrito was a mix of spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, and eggs tucked inside a spinach wrap. Every ingredient tasted like it was picked the day before—an unprecedented freshness! The hashbrowns were far from skimpy and the salsa and sour cream made for some excellent boosts of flavor. This was one of those items that just makes you feel good after eating it. No guilty reasoning needed here.

Wash all that down with some of Bongo’s signature iced coffee and you’ve got yourself an awesome start to the day. Fido rocks.

4/5 Syrup Crocks

Fido on Urbanspoon


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