Southern Bred: Gandhi and Waffles

Disagreements are a part of every healthy relationship—two people hardly ever see eye-to-eye all the time. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. It was Gandhi who said “Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.”  If that’s the case, we certainly “progressed” this weekend on our Nashville brunch adventure.

Southern Bred—in East Nashville—was the site of this “progression.”

Southern Bred

Pierce: Sweet tea ($2), Country Ham Steak w/ eggs and stuffed grits ($12)

Kristen: Lemonade ($2), Waffles w/ eggs and bacon ($9)

Serve time: Bread – 3 minutes, Entrées – 19 minutes 15 seconds

First Impression – This was the main cause for disagreement. For Pierce, he didn’t mind the décor within the homey restaurant—which is situated above a gun shop.  But then again, atmosphere is never really an issue with him. As long as there is space to spread your legs and it isn’t too loud, he’s fine.

Kristen, on the other hand, is a more astute observer. There was a little something “off” about the arrangement of the tables (including an awkward empty space) and she wasn’t a fan of the kitschy rooster paintings on the wall. “It felt like I was dining in a church basement,” she said.

That being said, we were both big fans of the drinks-in-Mason-jars concept and the scrumptious selection of “breds” that are served shortly after you order.

The Main Event – The sub-20 minute serve time was pretty good, considering that things started to get busier towards noon.  And the food made it well worth the wait.

Pierce decided to splurge and get the country ham steak plate.  The country ham was plentiful and had just the right amount of saltiness that makes it “country.” The plate came with three fluffy eggs and guilt-tripping stuffed grits.  As if grits alone aren’t amazing enough, Southern Bred spices them up cheese, chives, and bacon.

Kristen ordered a waffle plate with eggs and bacon. The menu advertised three waffles, but only two appeared on her plate.  However, that wasn’t a factor, because she could barely finish one. Truth be told, Kristen broke a cardinal “brunch” rule by eating a muffin after church which appeared to spoil her appetite. The penalty? Brutal glares from Pierce on the ride home.

Overall though, both plates were fresh and the food was just plain good.

The Aftermath – Being the super-savvy college kids that we are, we took advantage of this week’s Groupon—a special $10 for $20 coupon that saved us some major cash. The bill came out to $27, but the coupon bumped it down to just $7. After tip, we ended up only paying $23 for the whole meal. Definitely, not bad.

Regardless of our disagreement, Southern Bred left us both with positive feelings—but the degree of positivity varied.  Kristen settled on 3.5 crocks, while Pierce gave it a 4.5.

4/5 Syrup Crocks

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One response to “Southern Bred: Gandhi and Waffles

  1. You should try dinner there and get the Chicken and Dumplings. Closest to “Mom’s” I’ve ever had!
    Great blog! Keep it up!!

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