Bosco’s: A lesson in modesty

In America, the concept of “more is better” is prevalent, if not emphasized. We are the only place in the world where a 64-ounce soft drink option at a gas station is commonplace. Oh yeah, not to mention that Adam Richman wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for gallon-sized milkshakes and 4 ½ lb steaks.

That being said, our  brunch at Bosco’s in Hillsboro Village was a refreshing break from the norm. Moderation was the word of the day and quality definitely won out over quantity.


Pierce: Sweet Tea ($2), Eggs Benedict with grits ($7.50)

Kristen: Orange Juice ($2), Prosciutto and Cheese Omelet with fruit cup ($7.50)

Service time: 11 minutes and 26 seconds.

First Impression: We’ve been to Bosco’s for dinner a couple times before—and it was a surprise to us when we discovered they had brunch! (A pleasant surprise, at that.) Bosco’s is known for its in-house brew—so its slightly hard to imagine it as a popular brunch place. But when we arrived at around 11:30 a.m., the place was packed. We were still able to get a seat at a high bar table right away.

The Main Event: This was where Bosco’s really set itself apart from other restaurants. Instead of loading up the menu with gobs of potatoes, eggs, and meats, Bosco’s took the more elegant route. Most of the menu items only came with a fruit cup or grits.

Kristen ordered a prosciutto and artichoke omelet, minus the artichokes. The eggs were just fluffy enough and the two types of cheeses—ricotta and parmesan—were both rich and tasty. The omelet wasn’t bursting with prosciutto ham, but that’s to be expected with the higher quality of meat. The portion was still satisfying.

Pierce’s eggs Benedict plate was a mere shadow of the one he enjoyed two weeks ago at Dalts. This one had more time and effort put into it. The hollandaise was relatively subtle, but perfectly creamy. The tasso grits appeared to be soupy at first glance—and while they were “lighter” than most thick grits, the departure was welcomed.

The Aftermath: Today was another first! Kristen actually finished her entire plate—for the first time since this blog launched a month ago. For once, the portions weren’t out of this world heavy. This brunch was light, sure, but it didn’t leave anything to be desired, either.

So if you want a brunch that is elegant, cheaply priced, and won’t hold you over until breakfast the next day, Bosco’s is the place for you. Achievement through simplicity and modesty—America, take note!

Bonus tips: Belmont and Vandy students get 15 percent off for the Sunday Jazz Brunch! The band plays from noon to 3.

4.25/5 Syrup Crocks

Boscos Nashville Brewing Co. on Urbanspoon


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