Jackson’s: Summer is here

Things have been hectic here at Belt Buckle Brunch as of late. Pierce has been crisscrossing across the Southeast. Kristen has been busy at work. We’ve both finished up school.

Today was a refreshing return to normalcy: Back to brunch. It’s also the official start of summer—and a sense of renewal abounds. Nevertheless, the brunch selection for this week was pretty safe. We played this one close to the vest. Jackson’s, in Hillsboro Village, is one of our regular haunts—but never for brunch. So, in a sense today was a mix of something familiar and something new.

Welcome, summer.

Jackson’s Bar and Bistro

Pierce: Fruit tea ($2.50), Huevos Santa Fe ($7.00)

Kristen: Diet Coke ($2.25), Big Ben Breakfast ($7.00)

Shared (much to Kristen’s dismay): Cinnamon Toast ($2.25)

Serve time: 18 minutes 40 seconds

First Impression: To us, walking into Jackson’s is like greeting an old friend. We know the deal. Our schedule was a little thrown off, so we arrived a little later than our normal early-bird time. We were still seated promptly at a table near the bar. Things are always bustling at Jackson’s—but that’s usually a sign of quality when it comes to the restaurant business.

Our drinks came out quickly and our waiter did a great job of checking back to see if we were ready to order. (Side note: The fruit tea is a must for any Jackson’s meal.)

The Main Event: As our brunching adventure has continued, we’ve come to notice that a 20-minute wait time for two people is pretty standard. So, close to 19 minutes was a solid time.

Pierce ordered the Huevos Santa Fe, which was essentially a cheese and black bean quesadilla topped with scrambled eggs and salsa. The quesadilla was very thin and the scrambled eggs on top were lackluster, at best.

Kristen’s Big Ben Breakfast was billed as “Scrambled eggs, bacon, ham and cheese on flash-fried potatoes,” but when it came, it looked more like a scramble. Instead of being neatly categorized, the dish was served up like one big mash. Not only that, but it lacked any kind of stand-out flavor.

The highlight of the whole meal was the “bressert” of cinnamon toast. The dish was simple—just sugary, cinnamon-y toasted bread. It made for a nice ending to an otherwise plain brunch experience.

The Verdict: The silver lining to the whole experience was the affordable pricing. Seven dollars is a great price for a brunch entree at a trendy spot like Jackson’s. It’s just unfortunate that the quality of food didn’t exactly exceed what we paid for. The food was cheap—and ultimately not that good. The service and atmosphere was great, but the whole center-point of the experience—the actual meal—left a lot to be desired.

3 out of 5 syrup crocks

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One response to “Jackson’s: Summer is here

  1. Yeah, I’m not the biggest fan of Jackson’s brunch. The food is definitely a little lackluster. I’d rather cook at home.

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