The Perch: Justin Bieber < Crêpes

Novelty is a unique concept. At first glance, the word permeates with positivity. Novelty is something special—something you don’t get to experience too often. But pop culture has twisted novelty into a negative concept, as well. A 16-year-old boy who sings and dances kinda like Justin Timberlake is a novelty. (I’m lookin’ at you, Biebs Face) He’s not as good as Justin Timberlake—but he’s only 16! Look at him go!

The Perch, located off Franklin Pike in Brentwood, certainly falls under the novelty umbrella. (Downtown Nashville isn’t exactly teeming with street-side crêpe vendors.) But luckily for Nashville, this little café is definitely a novelty of the good kind.

The Perch

Pierce: Iced Mocha ($3.50), Egg, Cheese and Mushroom Crêpe ($6.25)

Kristen: Cinnaroll Latte ($3.50), Peanut Butter and Banana Crêpe ($4.75)

Serve time: Coffee – 4 minutes, Kristen’s crêpe – 17 minutes, Pierce’s crêpe – 21 minutes

First Impression – The strangest thing about The Perch is its location. Tucked near a busy intersection at the Davidson County line, The Perch would probably be a better fit down in Hillsboro Village. The interior décor is “simple chic,” according to one observer (Kristen). The place is pretty small, and the seating is pretty limited—but that’s a huge step above cramming people into as many tables as possible. (Oh yeah, and they have an awesome, active Twitter account.)

The coffee drinks were fantastic—and easily just as good as other Nashville establishments. They were also served up pretty quickly on a busy weekend morning.

The Main Event – The only downfall of the experience was the wait-time. The Perch has no secrets. The man flipping the crêpes was situated in the bar area, as if he were just another barista. That being said, he only had two going at a time and our crêpes came out at staggered times. Twenty minutes is a reasonable wait time for a sit-down restaurant, but for a coffeehouse style place, it seemed a little long.

But once those crêpes came out, all concerns were erased. In Pierce’s, the egg, cheese, and mushroom harmonized beautifully with the doughy crêpe. For Kristen, the peanut butter and banana was a protein-filled treat.

The Aftermath – We made it out of The Perch for just fewer than 20 dollars—and it was well worth it. Sure, crêpes are kind of novelty, but this is a novelty worth indulging in.

4/5 Syrup Crocks

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3 responses to “The Perch: Justin Bieber < Crêpes

  1. The Perch is one of our absolute favorite places to eat breakfast/brunch. They are so friendly, and we don’t mind drinking our coffee and waiting for our crepes on a lazy weekend morning. Their regular coffee is my husband’s favorite coffee in all of Nashville.

  2. hi Pierce: We did not know you drink coffee now. We learn something new about you every day. Hope all is well. Love, Gram

  3. Hey! Glad I found your blog. I’ve been wondering about this place. Thanks for posting!

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