Crow’s Nest: GOALLL!

It’s a rare thing when the whole world comes together and finds common ground. That’s what makes the World Cup the best sporting event in the world. Thirty-two nations join together for a few weeks and share something: a basic passion for soccer.
This year, with the games in South Africa, matches are being played from about 6:30 am til 3:00 pm (CST). Prime brunching time. Sports bars with brunch may sound like a foreign concept, but the Crow’s Nest in Green Hills makes it a close-to-home reality.

Crow’s Nest
Pierce: Sweet Tea ($2), White Omelet ($8.95)
Kristen: Breakfast Club ($8.95), Water (free)
Service time: 13 minutes and 16 seconds.
First Impression: Crow’s Nest, like Jackson’s and Bosco’s, is sort of like an old friend. Pierce has taken in a ball game or two there. That being said, the sports bar atmosphere is pleasant. The screens are aptly placed and everything is just as you’d expect. At 11:09 am on a Saturday morning, we were the first customers of the day—which is always a semi-awkward feeling. (More folks started to file in soon after.)
The waitress brought out biscuits, gravy, and jam shortly after taking our order. While the gesture was good-intentioned, the biscuits weren’t fresh or hot—two necessities that fell by the wayside.
The Main Event: Bars often have a bad rep when it comes to food. The term “bar food” is pretty much code word for “decent and goes well with beer.” But the Crow’s Nest, with it’s “Always a restaurant, sometimes a bar” mantra, sets the expectations high.

Pierce ordered a White Omelet—an egg-white omelet with mixed veggies and cheese—that came with cheddar hash browns. The omelet was pretty flat—far from the fluffy perfection that is preferable. It was satisfying, but not outstanding. The cheddar hash browns were similarly average. Bar food, indeed.

Kristen made a better choice. Her Breakfast Club with bacon, ham, eggs, and cheese was a stellar brunch twist on a bar food classic. The toast, poached eggs, and meats practically melted together into a delicious brunch sandwich.

The Verdict: By going in at 11, when it opened, we knew there wouldn’t be any games on the screens. That being said, the “restaurant” aspect wasn’t that great. So, make sure to check out Crow’s Nest when there’s a game on. Otherwise, there are better options.

3.25/5 Syrup Crocks

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