J Christopher’s – Franklin

Location, location, location. It’s the word of the game in real estate. Location is the reason why a loft in downtown Nashville costs more than a lovely home in peaceful Goodlettsville.  Granted, we are all conditioned to judge a place by its location.

When we started this blog only three months ago, we envisioned branching out all across the Middle Tennessee area. But let’s be honest—we haven’t done much of that. Regardless, we wanted to branch a little bit. So we headed south on I-65 to Franklin, a town built on small town charm…and Cool Springs Galleria. We chose to visit the latter.

J Christopher’s

Pierce: Iced Coffee ($1.99), Smoked Turkey and Avocado Skillet ($8.49)

Kristen: Lemonade ($1.99), Pantry Feast ($9.59)

Service time: 25 minutes

First Impression: J Christopher’s is an Atlanta-based restaurant with locations in the ATL, Savannah, and Macon. That’s some pretty good company for Franklin. The hustle and bustle on Mallory Lane on a Saturday morning isn’t typical of our brunch outings. Quiet and serene are the words we’d normally use.

The clatter continued as we entered the busy restaurant. The openness of the room led to a medium level of noisiness that was suited more to a bar than lunch time. It was also only the second time in BBB history that we had to wait to be seated. Granted, it only took about 10 minutes for us to get a table.

Our drinks came promptly, and this is where the real fun ensued. As Kristen sipped her lemonade, Pierce dressed his iced coffee with cream and sugar.  Depth perception hasn’t always been Pierce’s strong point, and as you can see by the photo, things got a little “milky.” Not to worry, he chugged it down and quickly asked for iced water.

Once we were seated, the service was good. We had to wait 25 minutes for our food, but a manager came out at the 20-minute mark to let us know that things were running a little behind. That is always much appreciated.

The Main Event: Once the food came out, it was clear what all the chatter was about. Pierce ordered a smoked turkey and avocado skillet that came with potatoes, salsa, cheese, and two sunny side up eggs on top. The creamy avocado was an excellent pairing with the eggs and potatoes. The serving was generous and the ingredients were fresh and flavorful.

Kristen opted for the traditional pantry feast, which included a piece of French toast, two eggs, two strips of bacon, a fruit garnish, and oven-roasted potatoes. The eggs were a little greasy and the fruit garnish was sparse. But the famous maple French toast and the potatoes made up for it. The hearty meal was both delicious and filling.

The Aftermath: J Christopher’s is definitely a solid brunch spot. It’s a nice place to stop if you’re going on an early afternoon shopping spree at Cool Springs. However, if you’re aiming for a quiet meal, J Christopher’s is not the place to be.

3.75/5 syrup crocks

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