“Whimsical” Birthday Goodies

Two weeks ago, Pierce turned 21. Last weekend, his family came up to celebrate. It was a lovely weekend full of mild alcohol consumption and many laughs.

There was one family birthday tradition that survived the test of geographic difference–Whimsical Cookies. For at least five years (possibly more) Pierce’s mom has bought these sugary treasures for just about any celebratory occasion.

Traci Glass started Whimsical Cookies in Raleigh, NC (Pierce’s hometown) in 2003. Since then, she’s been supplying Carolinians personalized cookies that are equal parts art and delicious.


It’s not local to Nashville, but luckily they deliver. So, here’s to you, Traci!

Also, many thanks to Pierce’s parents and brother (and his belle) for coming up to Nashville and treating us to a great weekend!

(Editor’s note: Things are a little backlogged here at BBB. It is senior year, after all. We have one post “in the queue,” and it’ll be a little while before the next one. But hang tight! We’ll be back up and running soon!)

Whimsical Cookies on Urbanspoon


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