Dose – Developing Better Habits

Habits are a part of life. Some folks bite their finger nails, others smoke. Psychologically, we develop these selfish traits. I’ve never heard of a “good habit”—that isn’t born out of a purely self-contained reason. Habits are typically the road with least resistance. There is always some sort of intrinsic, personal reason behind them.

Kristen and I developed a habit of blogging—because it was fun. Then, we developed a habit of not-blogging—because it took time and work ethic that we simply didn’t have. Well, it’s time to get back in the game. We started this blog with the notion of finding the best brunch in Nashville. And we will continue to do just that. This week, I’m goin’ at it alone again—but it’s a step in the right direction.

All I need is a little dose.

Dose Coffee and Tea – Sylvan Park

Pierce: Arago Bagel ($3.50), Medium Iced Coffee ($2.75)

Service Time: 4 minutes and 32 seconds

First Impression: Your first impression is typically boosted when you appear in the Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville—and this year Dose received the distinction of Best Iced Coffee. Being an Iced Coffee fanatic—that spelled “must-visit” for me.

Dose is located just off of Murphy Road, which is just off of West End. At about a half-past nine on a Sunday morning, it was practically empty (although business picked up big-time from about 10 a.m. on). I recently started a new online class and had some work to do. Dose’s interior was definitely conducive to my work. The setting is wood-themed and even features booths—which is somewhat rare for a coffee shop.  

The Main Event: Dose had a nice selection of baked goods (mostly muffins) and breakfast bagels. I opted for the Arago bagel which came with avocado, tomato, and provolone cheese—right up my alley.

While I waited for it to be constructed, I had to go with the iced coffee. I believe there is a bit of ceiling when it comes to how good an iced coffee can be, but Dose was definitely towards the top of that ceiling. (Like a balloon, if you will.) It was a really nice balance of “bite” and mellowness. I knew I was drinking coffee, but it wasn’t overwhelming.

After a few minutes, my bagel came out. For the price, it was certainly undersized. The little picks that were in both halves almost made it look like small finger food that you’d see at a party. That being said, it was still satisfying. The avocado was chunky—just how I like it—and the covering of melted cheese over the top was spot-on.

The Verdict: Dose was great on a lot of levels. It has a good atmosphere—which is certainly conducive to studying (or blogging). The iced coffee and food were both very good. But $6.25 for what amounted to a snack? Bongo’s iced coffee (although not as good) is only $1.75—and the food prices are more reasonable (if you know what to get). While Dose was definitely good—it’s not one of those “bang-for-your-buck” type of places.

3.25 out of 5 syrup crocks.  

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One response to “Dose – Developing Better Habits

  1. I really like Dose because it is so quiet and a great place to do work or catch up with a friend without screaming over loud music. I’ve even been there when people will go outside to take a phone call. Plus their coffee is really good. I think they use bagels from Bagelface Bakery in East Nashville, so that’s a nice local touch as well.

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