Puffy Muffin – Brunchin’ On The Street

Every good idea comes with followers and interpreters—sometimes imposters. Once something is deemed successful, someone else always swoops in to get a share of the pie. It’s only a matter of time. Thus, it wasn’t a surprise when super-cool email-marketing discount service Groupon spawned a bevy of less-clever competitors. But for consumers, it’s still a win-win. Instead of getting one good deal in your inbox every morning, you can have the pleasure of getting four or five now.

That being said, we are always looking for good brunch deals and when Puffy Muffin popped up as a LivingSocial deal, we couldn’t resist. However, as we printed out the deal just moments before heading out the door, LivingSocial revealed a “Fine Print” section—only after we made the purchase. The $10 for $20 deal was only good on take-out orders. Ah…there’s always a catch.

The Puffy Muffin – Brentwood

Pierce: Eggs Benedict ($7.95), Sweet Tea ($1.50)

Kristen: Country Breakfast ($8.25), Bottled Orange Juice ($1.95)

Service Time: 21 minutes

First Impression: Tucked between a FedEx store and a Farm Fresh Market, Puffy Muffin has a um… refined reputation. When we first started going on brunching adventures back in March, a girl once said “You could go to the Puffy Muffin. But that’s kinda like where all the old people in Brentwood go.”

However, despite the confirmed presence of senior citizens and middle-aged breakfast goers—Puffy Muffin’s interior was still welcoming. The large glass display of bakery items would make someone of any age’s mouth water. The pumpkin cupcakes topped with cream cheese looked especially delightful—but we were here for brunch, not munch.

The Main Event: It was a busy Saturday morning, so we placed our order at the take-out counter and waited. After about 20 minutes—much shorter than if we had to wait for a table—our food arrived in Styrofoam containers. Then, we had to go somewhere. So, we decided that we would park ourselves near the curb right outside the restaurant and chow down. Yes, we essentially brunched on the street.

Kristen ordered the country breakfast which came with choice of meat (bacon), eggs (scrambled), toast, and a side (cinnamon apples). Everything was good. The bacon was nice and crispy, the eggs were plentiful, and the toast was about as good as toast can be. Kristen didn’t care for the cinnamon apples, but Pierce confirmed that they were pretty good, as well.

Pierce got the Eggs Benedict with a potato casserole. The casserole had a nice texture and an unexpected peppery flavor to it. The lady at the counter asked if Pierce would like his eggs soft, medium, or hard. In all of our brunch adventures, we’ve never encountered that option. Usually, they are always “soft” and the gooey yolks blends with the hollandaise. Pierce went straight down the middle and went for medium—which had a firmer yolk. It was different, but certainly welcome. The dish wasn’t as messy, but was equally good.

The Verdict: We only had to pay about four dollars after our LivingSocial deal—which made it cost about $14. We didn’t mind eating our brunch outside—especially considering that it was such a beautiful morning. Old people or not, the Puffy Muffin was a good deal with good eats. Lesson learned: always go with the online coupon, but be prepared to contend with the fine print.

3.5/5 Syrup Crocks


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