Miss Emily’s: The Pulaski Edition

Editor’s Note: Pierce and his roommate Cory ventured an hour and a half south of Nashville to Pulaski for a Trail of Tears Memorial Walk. On the way, they stopped for a brunch. The following is what transpired.

Every small town in the South—and maybe America—looks the same. There is a large, distinguishable government building (in Pulaski, it’s a courthouse). There is usually a “town-square” structure that may or may not center on aforementioned building. The sad reality is that many of these downtown areas have dark “foreclosure” or “For Rent” signs in the unlit storefronts. The Wal-Mart down the street bustles with crowds.

Pulaski was not the exception to this rule. The small town—which is home to Martin Methodist College—certainly has its charm. Before we took part in the Trail of Tears Memorial Walk, we looked around for a brunch establishment to fuel up. Luckily, we spotted a small diner-like place called Miss Emily’s.

Miss Emily’s

Pierce: Breakfast Special ($5.25), Sweet Tea ($1.05)

Cory: Pancakes and Eggs w/ Bacon ($4.75), Coffee ($1.05)

Service Time: 20 minutes

First Impression: Well, as we walked in we were greeted by a friendly, laugh-hardy waitress who told us to take a seat. The tables were plain and there was little attempt at decoration. A small TV beamed in Channel 4 from Nashville in the front corner. It was refreshing.

A little after we sat down, a couple of camo-donned hunters took a seat at a nearby booth. Apparently, they knew the waitress. “You kill anything this morning, boys?” she asked. “Time,” one of the guys said disappointedly.

The Main Event: As we contemplated the menu, I asked the waitress what she liked. “What do I like? I like two eggs over-easy, about six strips of bacon, hash browns, and some biscuits and gravy, but that doesn’t mean I get it,” she quipped. Awesome.

I settled on the breakfast special which included eggs, city ham, hash browns and biscuits and gravy. This was disturbingly similar to what the waitress liked. Regardless, it was all very good. The eggs—ordered scrambled—were nicely textured/fluffed. The ham—while a little bit overcooked—was still good. A little ketchup made the plain hash browns a lot better. The biscuits and gravy were borderline-godly—by far the highlight of the meal.

Cory went with the pancakes, eggs, and bacon. The pancakes were a perfect combination of large and fluffy. The bacon was a little burnt and over-crispy, unfortunately—but still edible.

The Verdict: Miss Emily’s was both charming and satisfying. It might sound bad, but we didn’t have very high expectations. That being said, Miss Emily’s exceeded those marginal expectations. The food was good, but not great. The watered-down Foldger’s coffee was a downside. But unlike most uppity places in Nashville, the price was right. The final tab was less than $15—after tip. To put that into perspective, two weeks ago at Dose, I paid nearly $8 for a coffee and a bagel. At least in Pulaski, you get what you pay for—no more, no less.

3.5/5 Syrup Crocks

Also: Keep an eye out for some exciting holiday contest/giveaway news coming soon!


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