Healthy Holiday Giveaway!

We haven’t brunched in a while, but to make up for it, we are offering an awesome holiday cookbook giveaway featuring Dr. Josh Axe’s “The Real Food Diet.” No, we aren’t insinuating that our readers are overweight and need this book, so don’t take it personally! Besides, all of us could serve to be a little more healthy and Dr. Axe has some great cooking tips on how to do just that.

The Real Food Diet Cookbook by Dr. Josh Axe

So, if you’d like to enter, just leave a comment detailing your favorite brunch food and you’re entered to win. (Just be sure to leave a VALID email address.)

The deadline for entering is going to be Sunday, December 19, at midnight, so get to commenting! (We don’t have a ton of readers, so the numbers are on your side.)  You might even get the book by Christmas and that will give you ample time to plan out your 2011 resolutions.

We’ll be featuring a few of Dr. Axe’s recipes in an upcoming post, but that will likely be after the holidays. So, stay tuned for that as well!

Happy Holidays!


10 responses to “Healthy Holiday Giveaway!

  1. When we go out for brunch, I try to pick items I can’t make at home: Belgian waffles, specials with seasonal ingredients, etc. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. My fav brunch food is eggs, biscuits, and gravy!

  3. I’m an eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns girls – I try to be as balanced as possible…protein, protein, and carbs. I usually try to add in some fruit too, for good measure.

  4. I love brunch and enjoy stuff I’m not able to make at home. As a 2 year vegetarian most brunchs focus on the meat heavy offerings, nice to find a place with some good options for me as well.

  5. I love twists on Eggs Benedict like with crab cakes, spinach, tomatoes, chorizo, whatever else!

  6. My favorite brunch menu item is hashbrown casserole. Add some Spinach Eggs Benedict and I’m very happy!

  7. Love ur tweets!

  8. Eggs benidict

  9. Granola parfait with lots of berries… Mmmmm..

  10. Okay,
    I don’t know if this qualifies as brunch because it is basically breakfast but it keeps me full through lunch…
    I cook steel-cut oatmeal for 30 minutes. Then I add every nut I can find, raisins, organic peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon! At this point it has more flavor than a cookie. It is delicious.

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