Homemade Brunch: Episode 2

Disclaimer: This was written 2 weeks ago. And Kristen is just now getting around to loading pictures. So when you are reading…imagine it being Feb 13, not Feb 27 🙂

It’s been a busy week at the Belt Buckle Brunch headquarters. Kristen turned 22 on Wednesday. We didn’t celebrate until Thursday thanks to a little icy precipitation that immobilized the city. The celebration continued into Saturday with an all-night bowl-o-rama with some friends.

So, by the time Sunday rolled around, Pierce’s wallet was feeling pretty light. Luckily, the week before, we received an email from our friend Sarah, who offered to send us some Red Gold Tomatoes. (Yes, tomato companies hire out PR firms… who knew?)

Sarah sent us a few cans, along with several recipes. Considering the “ease” factor, we decided to go with the tomato pancakes–an intriguing combination.

Pierce took the lead on the cooking as Kristen uploaded bowling pictures from the night before. The first step was to separate four eggs–yolks in one bowl, whites in the other. Then, he added cream cheese, sour cream, salt, sugar, flour and, of course, the tomatoes to the yolks.

After beating the egg whites into a firmer consistency, those were added to the larger bowl, as well. Kristen offered a steady hand for pouring the tomato-y batter onto the skillet. A couple of classic pancake flips later and we were ready to go.

Up until this point, we’ve yet to disclose one extremely important element of this story. Kristen strongly dislikes tomatoes–unless they are in ketchup form. And to be perfectly honest, these pancakes didn’t exactly change her mind about anything.

That being said, Pierce enjoyed them. The tomatoes were a really nice addition to the pancake batter. (Numerous possibilities of other additions ran through his head. Ham? Green peppers?) Normally, pancakes are complemented with syrup, and these pancakes would have been better with some sort of topping. (Leave suggestions in the comments section?) Eating them plain was a little dry.

Overall, though, they were pretty darn good. Layer by layer we’re beginning to shed the myth that two normal people can’t make tasty culinary creations. Who knows what might lie ahead?


One response to “Homemade Brunch: Episode 2

  1. You guys are hilarious. Just found your blog through Nashville Food Bloggers. Nice to meet a fellow NFB! Brunch out is usually hard for me as a gluten-free eater…so pass on any options as you come across them!

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