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The Pfunky Griddle: End of our brunch pfunk

In following with the New Year tradition of goal-setting, here at Belt Buckle Brunch, we’ve decided to embrace more of the “foodie” label and actually try to make some of our own food. Not only does it save money, but it’s probably healthier and gives us more foodie street cred. (When we met up with other food bloggers in November, we felt slightly “behind.”)

But, as with any resolution, it’s never a good idea to try to give up something cold turkey. We needed a stepping stone. So, it was decided that we should visit Pfunky Griddle in Berry Hill–a place where we could still feel comfortable in a restaurant setting but still do a little cooking of our own.

The Pfunky Griddle — Berry Hill

Kristen and Pierce: Pancakes ($5.99 each), breakfast potatoes ($3.00), Two eggs ($2.20), cheddar cheese ($0.50), pink lemonade ($2.00 each)

Service time: 4 minutes

First Impression: Tucked away in a cutesy little corner of Berry Hill, the Pfunky Griddle definitely has atmosphere working in its favor. The interior is very homey and nature-centered. In our dining area, there was even a real tree that intertwined with painting on the wall. Nice touch.

It was just a little after 11 a.m. and there wasn’t much of a crowd. We were seated right away and our waitress, Katie, was pretty chill and awesome.

For those who might be unfamiliar with Pfunk, the real “catch” of the restaurant is the table set-up. In the middle of each table is a large griddle that you cook your own food on. Sound fun? It is.

The Main Event: It being our first visit to the Pfunky Griddle, we felt it appropriate to get their signature pancakes. At only $5.99 for all you can eat (or make), it’s a good deal too. We also decided to share some breakfast potatoes (with cheddar cheese) and a couple of eggs.

All of our ingredients (including sliced apples and peanut butter for our pancakes) came out in four minutes and we dove right in. Pierce started with the special multigrain organic batter, while Kristen went the traditional route. We caught on pretty quick and made some scrumptious pancakes. Kristen insisted on making one the size of her head.

Next, we decided to get creative and combine the potatoes, cheese, and eggs into a scramble. The eggs cooked surprisingly fast and we scrambled (pun intended) to get everything together. The final result was brown-ish, but tasted much better than it looked.

The Verdict: Overall, the food was good and affordable, with a check totaling just more than $21. Not only that, but the atmosphere and experience were unique and cool. The peanut butter wasn’t a great mix-in ingredient, but that was our own indiscretion. Also, the eggs (priced at $1.10 each) were a little expensive. (We would recommend a BYOE, but pretty sure that would be frowned upon.) Still, the Pfunky Griddle was good food and a good experience.

Perhaps our next brunch will be completely–gulp–self-constructed.

4.25/5 Syrup Crocks

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Sam & Zoe’s – Berry Hill Delight

We’ve been bad lately. Very bad. Any leisurely blogger will tell you—sometimes droughts just happen. Things have been busy lately.  School started back up, Pierce moved into some new digs, and we went on a mini-vacation to Kentucky Lake for Labor Day. Needless to say, brunching hasn’t been at the top of the priority list. But in the coming weeks, we are doing our best to resolve that.

So, this week we decided to ease back into things and visit an establishment near Pierce’s new locale in Berry Hill. Sam & Zoe’s, right off Thompson Lane near 100 Oaks, is a casual laid-back coffeehouse/café that lies just outside the Bongo/Fido/Frothy Monkey radius.  It’s menu slogan is “Breakfast and Lunch Anytime.” Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch. Awesome.

Sam & Zoe’s

Pierce: Breakfast Burrito ($4.95), Sno Cap ($3.95)

Kristen: PB, Banana, Granola and Honey Wrap ($4.95), Classico Smoothie ($4.50)

Service Time – Drinks: 2 1/2 minutes, Food: 9 ½ minutes

First Impression: Sam & Zoe’s isn’t much different from its Hillsboro Village/12 South counterparts. The cute little building features porch seating and a nice interior area. Local art dots the walls and indie music plays over speakers. It’s overall a pleasant, colorful vibe.

Sam & Zoe’s also doesn’t have to deal with the constant rush of more popular coffee joints. At 11 am on a Sunday morning, we didn’t have to wait to place our order at the counter.

The Main Event: For both a coffee shop and a restaurant, Sam & Zoe’s had snappy service. Our drinks, which were of the “specialty” variety, both came out in just three minutes. Pierce ordered a Sno Cap—which is S+Z’s version of the Frappuccino. The drink was a good size and had a great coffee taste. Sometimes, these types of beverages have a little too much mocha—making it more like a milkshake—but the Sno Cap was right on target.

Kristen ordered a Classico smoothie with banana, strawberry, and orange. The taste was extra fruity, but very fresh. It was easy to tell that there was no “from concentrate” crap involved.

The food showed up only seven minutes later and was also enjoyable. Pierce got a breakfast burrito that consisted of ham, cheese, eggs, and mushrooms (by request, no extra charge) tucked inside a healthy whole wheat wrap. The only gripe is that it wasn’t physically larger. But taste-wise, it was excellent.

Kristen decided to go with a delicious-sounding peanut butter, banana, granola, and honey wrap. It lived up to its name. The only downside was that the granola contained a few cranberries—which Kristen isn’t a big fan of. However, it was easy to pick those out, set them aside, and enjoy the rest of the wrap.

The Verdict: Overall, Sam & Zoe’s was a quick, pleasant brunching experience. The only negative was the price-point. Five dollars for relatively small-ish wraps were a little expensive and $19.64 seemed a bit pricey for such a short visit. Regardless, S+Z’s definitely gets our approval.

3.5/5 Syrup Crocks

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