Fish & Company – Fishy Brunch

Fish and brunch are two culinary items that just don’t seem to go together. One is a water-dwelling creature with a light taste and the other is a hardy hyper-meal that is meant to sustain you for a whole day. That being said, it’s not like we haven’t done it before. But still, no one has shrimp or flounder on the mind when going out for a brunch.

That might explain why the crowd was pretty light during high-brunch time at Fish & Co.’s newest location in 12 South. But consider this one of Nashville’s best brunch secrets—because James Beard Award Winner Louis Osteen has created a menu worthy of praise.

Fish & Co. – 12 South

Pierce: Sunday’s Seafood Frittata Piquant ($12), Grits ($3) Sweet Tea ($3)

Kristen: Bourbon Vanilla French Toast ($10), Water

Shared: Apple crisp ($6)

Service Time: 17 minutes 30 seconds

First Impression: Let’s be real: Blind Pig No. 55 had its heart in the right place. But an upscale BBQ place just doesn’t work. (What’s next—an upscale taco shop?) Much better barbecue could be found for much cheaper (I’m looking at you B&C Melrose). However, there is a huge need in Nashville for more affordable (as in not $30 a dish) coastal dining places. Luckily, Fish & Co. has moved in to fill a little of the void.

The location—across from 12 South and Mafioza’s—makes getting in-and-out very easy. Add in a beautiful day and the outdoor seating and you’ve got everything a bruncher could ever need.

The Main Event: The Sunday brunch menu has a nice mix of traditional and fish-based dishes. Not one for fish, Kristen went with the Bourbon Vanilla French Toast. The lovely plate came with buttermilk sorgum and scattered with pecans. The portion wasn’t all that big—and after she was done, Kristen was left yearning for more.

Pierce, on the other hand, went the fishy route with a Seafood Frittata Piquant. The Frittata is similar to an omelet—but it’s a circular shape. The egg was mixed in with fresh shrimp, scallops, and even a little crab meat. There was some concern that the frittata alone wouldn’t be enough food, so he ordered a side of Osteen’s famous grits to go along with it. As good as the grits were, the frittata probably was filling enough on its own.

Since Kristen was still hungry, we ordered an apple crisp for bressert. It was a tough choice between the crisp and the Jack Daniels Banana Pudding. As it turns out, it seems like we made the right choice. The crisp was superb.

The Verdict: Fish & Co. wasn’t cheap. Our final bill topped out near $35—a bit more than our price range. (Then again, we’ve been cutting way back on the frequency of our brunches, so it’s not that big of a deal.) The food and service were both top-notch—and if we were a bit wiser with our food choices (not getting the unneeded grits, for instance) the bill would have been more reasonable. Overall though, Fish & Co. is a great addition to the Nashville brunch scene.

<a href=””><img alt=”Fish & Co. Restaurant and Raw Bar on Urbanspoon” src=”; style=”border:none;width:104px;height:34px” /></a>

3.75/5 Syrup Crocks


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